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Daniel Goaillard

As the owner of a water treatment company in the UK, I couldn't be happier with the incredible work Josh did for my business. He automated our entire operation, from service visit scheduling to paperwork, invoicing, and team communication. The new system he built is simply amazing. It saves us approximately 160 hours every month. Thanks to Josh's expertise, our efficiency and productivity have skyrocketed. And the impact on our business has been phenomenal. I highly recommend his automation services!


Mike Anthony

Josh's approach and automation skills, particularly with Zapier, has transformed our QuickBooks invoicing. His automations will save us countless hours each week. His customer-centric approach and attention to detail is also next-level. We couldn't be more satisfied with the results - a true game-changer for our business!


Smart ERC

How I Automated Invoicing for Smart ERC

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Smart ERC helps their clients obtain employee retention tax credits.

The team needed a way to automatically create invoices in QuickBooks from their HubSpot CRM. 

They send out a large volume of invoices each week and the process of managing invoice creation and delivery was tedious and time-consuming for their team.

I created an automation that automatically creates invoices in QuickBooks from Smart ERC's HubSpot account.

In order to automate the invoicing process, the system pulls contact and company data from HubSpot and uses that data to populate each invoice in QuickBooks. Upon creation, the invoice gets sent to the client automatically.

The New Automated Process:



Apps Automated:

⚡ HubSpot
⚡ QuickBooks
⚡ Gmail
⚡ Outlook


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Smart ERC now saves countless hours each week because the entire invoice process, from start to finish, is 100% automated.

Mike Anthony, COO, at Smart ERC had this to say about my services ...



Matthew Mongoven

Josh was very knowledgeable as I needed to use Zapier for the first time, setting up Zaps to automate portions of our business and marketing practices. When doing this on my own, I had issues setting this up. By bringing in Josh, he was able to quickly diagnose the issue I was having and was able to troubleshoot on the spot. From there, he was very efficient in helping me complete the rest of the project. Highly recommend Josh for your automation projects.


David Dirnberger

Josh automated my packing slip creation procedure so that the process went from 10 minutes on an iPad or computer to 45 seconds on an iPhone, and he did it quickly and was able to accommodate all my little requests along the way. Very happy with the outcome and plan to engage him again for my invoicing.


dswater new new

How I Automated Operations for a Water Treatment Company

water treatment

DS Water offers water hygiene and treatment services across the UK. 

The team needed a way to streamline data collection, visit planning, paperwork, and client invoicing and for their apps to exchange critical data.

Admin was an enormous challenge for the team and implementing an automated system was a key priority.

Using Google Sheets, I implemented an automated database solution that made managing client visits and paperwork incredibly efficient.

I implemented several Jotforms that automate the creation of scheduled events, contracts, client reminders, internal team notifications, and QuickBooks invoices. 

The New Automated Process:


2 DS Water

Apps Automated:

⚡ Jotform
⚡ Google Sheets
⚡ Google Calendar
⚡ Google Drive
⚡ QuickBooks
⚡ Gmail
⚡ Outlook


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Operations and team communication at DS Water are now completely automated.

The new system saves the team approximately 160 hours each month, equivalent to 1 FTE

Daniel Goaillard, Director at DS Water, had this to say about my services ...



Mathew Rouse

Josh was a pleasure to work with, he completely understood my brief and delivered exactly what I wanted and in less than 24 hours from my original job post. Will definitely be using Joshua again in the future.


Jonah Harley

Great experience working with Josh. He knew what he was doing, responded quickly and concisely, and was able to complete the tasks assigned in a cost-effective manner.



How I Automated Fulfillment and Invoicing for a Manufacturing Supplies Company

galv abount

GalvWorx is a reputable and well-known supplier to the galvanizing industry.

The team needed a way to automate the creation of invoices and packing slips upon receiving a new customer order.

I implemented  an order request form and an automated workflow that handles the invoice and packing slip creation process.

Whenever a new form submission is received, the workflow automatically creates an invoice and packing slip in QuickBooks. I also built out a custom API integration with that formats the packing slips correctly each time it's created. 

The New Automated Process:

GalvWorx 1

GalvWorx 2

Apps Automated:

⚡ QuickBooks
⚡ HubSpot
⚡ Google Drive
⚡ Outlook



Invoices and packing slips are now created in seconds automatically. Overall, the automated system has significantly improved the company's efficiency and streamlined internal operations.

David Dirnberger, owner of GalvWorx, had this to say about my services ...



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Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.

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Benjamin Murphy

I recently had the pleasure of working with Josh Jackson from and I couldn't be more impressed. Josh is not only an automation expert but proactive in his development of the automations he creates, which sets him apart from others in the field. His knowledge and expertise in tools like Zapier, Wordpress, and CRM's are unparalleled. Josh's prompt and informative responses to my questions kept me informed throughout the process working together. What I appreciate the most is his ability to explain complex concepts to marketing professionals like myself. I highly recommend Josh Jackson for anyone seeking a knowledgeable, reliable, and personable professional in the realm of automation and business systems improvement.


Aldonn Soliva

It was really great to get to know and work with Josh. I was struggling with how to create a zap for my work, constantly researching on YouTube until I came across Josh's videos. I contacted him through his website, and he was incredibly helpful. He replied quickly and was very reliable. With his assistance, I successfully created a zap that made my workload much easier. Josh went above and beyond to create our automation, and I couldn't have asked for more!"



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I started my first company right out of college and never looked back.

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Over the years, I fell in love with helping people save time and become more efficient through automation.
In 2023, I made a career pivot and started building my personal brand, Josh No Code.

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